Medical Dramas That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud With Their Stories 2022 #Celebrity

If what you like are dramas where people save lives but sometimes all the pressure of cases makes you sad, there are some stories in which the protagonists face funny situations in hospital corridors. These drama recommendations will catch you from the first chapter.

Three dramas that you should not miss if you like medicine but at the same time you love to laugh with relaxed scenes of life are ghostdoctor, Hospital Playlist and An Uncurable Case of Love. Although the three are completely different stories, they have touches of comedy that you will love.

Whether you want to see a story of a ghost possessing a body, or five friends dealing with different life problems in the corridors of a hospital, or a comedic romance between a clumsy girl and her head doctor. These doramas with perfect recommendations for you.

So pick your favorite snack and sit back, because these stories will make you want to binge on them all night. Without a doubt, they are doramas that you will love from start to finish.

Doctor dramas that you will love completely for their funny plots

This Korean drama stars Rain and Ki Bum, it tells the story of a doctor who is usually quite arrogant and cold but one day he loses his life and his soul ends up in the body of one of the new doctors who is not very talented. Now this intern becomes a surgical genius thanks to the spirit of the arrogant doctor. It is available on Viki.

This drama tells the story of five friends who have known each other since they started medical school and explores how they have changed over the years. Getting involved in hilarious situations that show how powerful their friendship remains as they face medical cases. You can find it as Hospital Corridors on Netflix.

  • An Incurable Case of Love

This Japanese drama is about a young woman who decides to become a nurse after falling in love with a doctor who works at the hospital. But when she arrives at the hospital where she works, she realizes that her crush will be more than impossible, especially since she is very clumsy and gets the doctor she likes into a lot of trouble. It is available on Viki.

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