Meet Outpost, The Game That Mixes Action, Strategy And Hordes

Outpost: During the Future Games Show, an event that takes place during this period of E3, the game was revealed Outpost which brings a mix of different genres in the same game: first-person action, isometric RTS and defense against hordes of enemies.

The title has not yet had many details revealed, but it already has a page on Steam where we can check out images and gameplay videos. Check it out below:

The great thing is that, to defend your base, you need to place turrets armed with cannons, armored vehicles and infantry, but in case you want to go straight to the action, you assume the role of one of the soldiers to shoot the aliens yourself, changing the game for the FPS perspective.

Outpost will arrive for PC and unfortunately does not yet have a release date revealed, but will have a playtest in the future.

Larry Brown

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