Meet These 3 Potential Metaverse Coins!

The bear market is tough for all crypto assets. However, the last few weeks have been exceptionally bullish, especially for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and metaverse coin projects. Crypto expert Kyle Portman shares his selection of the top three metaverse coins with a market cap of under $25 million to watch in August 2022.

First metaverse coin project Star Atlas (ATLAS)

  • Market cap: $16.6 million
  • 24-hour trading volume: $2.1 million
  • Unit price: $0.007717
  • Network: Solana

Star Atlas (ATLAS) hit the market in September 2021. It allows users to explore its vast RPG-themed open world. It is also one of the Solana-based metaverse coin projects that are building a space-themed Metaverse. Star Atlas is a blockchain based game integrated with Solana. This game revolves around political domination, space exploration and territorial conquest.

It is possible to connect to the Star Atlas dApp via a Web3 Solana-based wallet such as Phantom. The platform has an order book style NFT marketplace that allows interested collectors and players to bid on various NFTs. With a current market cap of $16 million, Star Atlas is at an all-time low. ATLAS, the local service asset for Star Atlas. The ecosystem also includes the local government token POLIS, which gives voting power to the Star Atlas DAO.

Second metaverse project Victoria VR (VR)

  • Market cap: $17.3 million
  • 24-hour trading volume: $13 million
  • Unit price: $0.02324
  • Network: Ethereum

Victoria VR (VR) hit the market in December 2021. Also known as Victoria Virtual Revolution, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 builds an ultra-realistic Metaverse. In-game rewards, owning virtual real estate and much more. Victoria’s Metaverse will offer an RPG-enabled experience for players to immerse themselves in, participate in various events, make friends and much more.

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By the way, the project is still under development. In May, the team opened its alpha to select testers, showing off their product and what they’re building. Additionally, the team has made their presence known at various conferences by showcasing their products and raising awareness about their upcoming MMORPGs.

Meanwhile, the current market value of the project is $17.3 million. Victoria VR has a trading volume of $12.8 million. metaverse coin has long-term potential. VR is an ERC-20 token that lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. The primary utility asset for the platform. VR allows users to stake for rewards, buy virtual real estate, and power the platform’s metaverse.

Latest metaverse coin project Highstreet (HIGH)

  • Market cap: $24.7 million
  • 24-hour trading volume: $5.6 million
  • Unit price: $2.01
  • Network: BNB Chain

Highstreet (HIGH) hit the market in October 2021. It integrates NFTs and DeFi into its ecosystem to create a solid RPG themed experience. Also, it’s a fairly undervalued metaverse coin project. It is different from Star Atlas produced in Solana and Victoria VR living in Ethereum. Highstreet is a BNB Chain project with the HIGH token living on BNB Chain.

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Highstreet also has a unique NFT market. Meanwhile, its distinguishing feature is that NFTs can be used for physical products and staked to earn rewards in collectible NFT-based tokens. In addition, Highstreet has an IHO (First Home Offering) platform where users can explore virtual real estate and purchase directly on the platform or on secondary BNB Chain marketplaces.

Highstreet also has a dual token ecosystem consisting of HIGH and STREET tokens. HIGH tokens management assets. However, it is possible for STREET tokens to be used as local utility assets for the Highstreet Metaverse. For more information about the project See this article.

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