Meghan Markle and Harry Terrified By A Wild Animal in Montecito!

Meghan Markle: The news is not very good for Meghan Markle and Harry. And for good reason, an animal wanders in front of their residence in Montecito. Meghan Markle and Harry have been very anxious these last few days. And for good reason, a puma prowls around their residence in Montecito.


It is no longer useful to present it. And for good reason, in the four corners of the globe, everyone knows, Meghan Markle or for those who prefer, the Duchess of Sussex.

It must be said that since her marriage to Prince Harry, she has not ceased to be talked about. But, by dint of making too much noise, the latter begins to annoy the royal family. The proof, in July, Meghan Markle and Harry failed during the Queen’s Jubilee. A situation that has certainly made the Duchess of Sussex mad with rage.

Yes, because it is no longer a secret for people. Everyone knows that the former actress is a woman with a strong character. Moreover, it is not his employees who will say the opposite. Thus, a few weeks ago, the duchess was in rage against an employee. So much so that she went crazy. An image with which the royal family does not wish to be associated.

But, in recent days, it is for a completely different reason that Meghan Markle and Harry are talking about them. Thus, a puma would be prowling in front of their residence in Montecito. A situation that is beginning to worry the couple a lot. And for good reason, they have two young children.


It’s been a while since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to settle down in the US. Indeed, the couple preferred to move away from the royal family.

But they don’t seem unhappy. It’s quite the opposite. Besides, they have a lot of star friends in the United States.

While Meghan Markle and her little family are having happy days in the US, the latest news is not good. And that’s nothing to say!

The couple were warned by their security that a mountain lion was prowling around their Montecito residence. An unprecedented situation.

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