Micron i400: Meet the world’s first 1.5 TB microSD card

Micron i400: Micron released this week two important news for the company’s memory technologies. The first is the microSD i400the world’s first in its form factor to reach 1.5TB of storage capacity.

The second information is that its new LPDDR5 DRAM memories were the first to receive an ISO 26262 automotive safety certificate. Check out more details below!


Memory card with 1.5TB

Starting with the microSD card, which is especially aimed at professional use. Micron highlights the usefulness of small memory cards with immense capacity for video security, for example. The i400’s 1.5TB capacity is made possible by using 176-layer 3D NAND memories, manufactured by the company.

According to the company, the high storage capacity allows the memory card to store up to four months of security video locally. Thus, users can become more independent of the cloud for the role.

The company also guarantees that the product can withstand five years of high-quality recording even in continuous operation, with two million hours of fault-free use. The memory card also works with 4K resolution and up to eight motion detection and data analysis functions simultaneously.

The memory card will be distributed Micron i400 is currently being distributed to partner companies of the brand.

New car technology

Another brand novelty, the automotive safety certificate is especially important for Micron to be able to make its new generation of LPDDR5 memories available for the manufacture of components in smart cars. They are manufactured in the process that the company calls 1a (1-alpha) and are the first to reach the market through this technology.Micron aims to “lead” the automotive market with new memories.Source: Micron

According to the manufacturer, “this certificate validates that Micron’s LPDDR5s meet demanding safety standards and positions them to enable innovations that will promote complete autonomy in smart vehicles.”

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