Microsoft is Looking for a Web 3.0 Product Manager

Microsoft continues to strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space through related recruitments, posting a position for Web 3.0 and Blockchain Principal Product Manager.

The job posting, posted on the company’s website on June 6, indicates that the successful candidate will be part of the Microsoft Industry Growth and Expansion Team (MCIGET). Under this role, the primary mission will be to “bring clarity, generate energy, and ensure success for Microsoft in the blockchain and crypto space.” Additionally, other responsibilities require interacting with external blockchain and crypto ISVs to compile on Microsoft Cloud. The candidate will also be responsible for helping improve the overall Microsoft blockchain and crypto strategy and execution. A notable requirement for the job is experience in crypto, blockchain, distributed ledgers or Web 3.0, and conceptual knowledge of modern cryptography.


Team Expansion Accelerates Their Lean into Crypto Space

Overall, the team’s expansion adds to Microsoft’s efforts to integrate crypto into its existing products. According to the company:

“The blockchain and crypto market offers Microsoft the opportunity to grow the use of our tools, platforms and products in new ways and with new customers. We can apply lessons learned from previous blockchain studies to guide interactions with partners who are rolling out these technologies to their respective industries.”

Microsoft has been scaling its cryptocurrency and blockchain teams with strategic hiring in recent months. For example, the software firm announced the position of Director of Crypto Business Development in February. Successful recruitment will help lay the foundations for Microsoft’s Web 3.0 strategy.

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