Microsoft Reduces Operations in Russia and Impacts 400 Employees

Microsoft: According to information from Bloomberg, The Microsoft decided to reduce its operations in Russia after the economic conditions caused in the country due to the invasion of Ukraine. According to a company spokesperson, the reduction will impact more than 400 Russian employees.

In any case, the company revealed that is in touch with affected employees to ensure they are supported during this difficult time. In fact, it is not the first time that Microsoft has announced the cut of its operations in Russian territory.

In mid-March, the company announced the suspension of sales of services and products in the country, however, it continued with some offices in the region to support existing customers – that is, Russian customers can no longer buy versions of Xbox, Windows , Microsoft 365 or Azure.

leaving russia

“As a result of the changing economic outlook and the impact on our business in Russia, we have made the decision to significantly reduce our operations in Russia. We will continue to fulfill our existing contractual obligations to Russian customers as long as the suspension of new sales remains in effect,” it was revealed in a statement.

Microsoft is following in the footsteps of several other companies in the technology sector, such as IBM, which ended its operations in Russia and began laying off its employees. A little over two weeks ago, Google also announced that it was preparing to carry out a commercial shutdown in the country.


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