Millie Bobby Brown Swings on Her Very Unhealthy Relationship With Her Ex!

Millie Bobby Brown returned to her relationship with her ex Hunter Ecimovic. And it looks like she’s been through some tough times. While she spins the perfect love today, Millie Bobby Brown had a toxic relationship with her ex.


No one can miss the famous Millie Bobby Brown. And for good reason, since her arrival in Stranger Things, the young woman finds herself in the spotlight. She then continues the appearances and continues to be noticed.

It must be said that Millie Bobby Brown leaves nothing to chance. She then continues the appearances and always seems to be unanimous. And for good reason, the latter always relies on crazy looks. Thus, the actress even managed to become the face of Louis Vuitton. Yes, just that!

Moreover, if the interpreter of Eleven is so successful, she does not forget to give it back to her fans. Indeed, she is very close to them. The Netflix star then shares his life on the Web and never forgets to tell a few little anecdotes. To the delight of Internet users who love to learn more about her.

But if there is one subject that seems to interest fans of Millie Bobby Brown, it is her stories of the heart. And yes, they are still trying to find out more about his romantic situation. If today, the young woman spins the perfect love, she had a more complicated relationship. Moreover, the actress has decided to indulge in this unhealthy relationship.


Needless to say, the career of Millie Bobby Brown has something to envy. Indeed, from the height of her 18 years, the latter has managed to accomplish great things.

But that’s not all. Indeed, the love life of Millie Bobby Brown seems to follow this same momentum. More in love than ever with her darling Jake Bongiovi, she appears super happy. And yet, the beauty had a difficult relationship with her ex. And for good reason, before knowing the latter, the star was dating Hunter Ecimovic.

For Allure magazine, Millie Bobby Brown then returned to this unhealthy relationship. Indeed, the young woman confided: “I felt very vulnerable. Also, no one on the set of Stranger Things knew I was going through this. So it was kind of nice to be able to deal with it on my own without anyone else knowing about it. It was more difficult when the whole world knew. »

Before continuing: “It has been a year of healing. When you are publicly humiliated in this way, you feel helpless. Getting away from him has done me a lot of good. It’s like my life has finally turned around and I’ve finished a chapter that seemed so long. »

Moreover, Millie Bobby Brown did not forget to specify: “In the end, all I want to do in my career is to make people understand that I, too, am going through hard times. I’m not that perfect person who sells cosmetics and stars in Stranger Things. I’ve made bad decisions before. »

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