Minecraft Gets New Buzz Lightyear DLC

Minecraft has already received some very interesting DLCs in the past, but this time there is a special pack for fans of Toy Story. The game just gained additional content from the character Buzz Lightyear, which is even more in evidence now with the release of the movie. lightyear at the movies.

The feature film explores the story behind the fictional man who inspired the creation of the doll in the universe of Toy Story, giving us another view of this world beyond the puppets we already know so well. The DLC itself tries to emulate some of this experience, as it has an origin story for the astronaut.

You’ll be able to explore an unknown planet after your ship crashes there, and there are five missions that can be accomplished while discovering new biomes and enemies. After you finish this narrative, a Buzz Lightyear skin will be released for use, either in your normal sessions of Minecraft or in the DLC special missions.

It is worth mentioning that this pack is already available in most versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, except for the Nintendo Switch edition, which will receive the additional content later.

Larry Brown

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