Money Heist: Korea Releases New Teaser, When Does it Premiere on Netflix?

One of the most exciting premieres among K-Drama fans is Money Heist: Korea, the Netflix production that will be the new version of the successful series: La Casa de Papel. With the theme of a strong heist in a fictional world where the two Koreas have been unified, the trailer raised the expectations among people who are waiting for this drama.

Money Heist: Korea It is one of the most anticipated releases of this year in relation to K-Dramas. The main reason is because it will be the korean adaptation de la Casa de Papel, an impressive story of a group of criminals who plan to carry out one of the biggest robberies in the world.

For this reason, with the premiere of the trailer for the first season of Money Heist: Korea, the excitement of the fans is increasing and they can not wait any longer to see this drama of action and mystery that will be released at the end of June.

Employing the same theme of a massive heist at the country’s biggest bank, Money Heist: Korea will be an exciting series that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to find out how it all ends and if they can pull off that big heist. Have you seen the trailer yet?

Money Heist: Korea trailer caused great expectation among fans for its action scenes

A premiere new trailer for the drama Money Heist: Korea, which will premiere at the end of June through the Netflix streaming platform. In the new preview, you can see a little more about the scenes of the recruitment of elite criminals who will make up the group that will carry out the largest robbery in history in Korea.

The series is about a future in which the two Koreas are unified in hopes of improving the economy of both countries. However, this union only benefited the rich and made life worse for the rest of the people. In which a group of highly gifted criminals will plan a major assault on the central bank of Korea.

In the trailer, at the beginning you can see how the professor is recruiting the group that will help him steal 4 billion won from the central bank of Korea. At the same time, action scenes and fights appear in which the group, which will use the characteristic red suits and masks, are in the bank robbery, taking hostages and fighting among themselves.

When does Money Heist: Korea premiere on Netflix?

The first season of Money Heist: Korea will be available on Netflix in the Latin American region from June 24. So far it is unknown if the chapters will be shared all together or will begin to upload one chapter per week, as in previous Korean productions that have been added to their catalog. Would you like to see one chapter per week or would you prefer to binge this impressive series?

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