MONSTA X Delights With Their Vocals In New If With U Teaser 2022 #Celebrity

MONSTA X will release a new song for Universe Music, which will be released in the coming days and will feature a music video that promises to warm the hearts of all their fans. The first advance of the song completely moved Monbebe, as she was able to enjoy a fragment of If With U.

MONSTA X soon he will be back with his new song If With U, which will be released for Universe Music, within this platform. Recently released the first teaser for the MV, which completely thrilled their fans.

Monbebe is very excited for MONSTA X’s new song, which they can’t wait to hear as they know it will be a complete success. In the next few days, the song will finally be available and they can’t wait to hear the full If With U.

This song will be released a year after his hit Kiss or Death, a song also produced for Universe Music, which fans couldn’t stop listening to for its powerful melody.

MONSTA X’s If With U has a fun sneak peek with the members at a coffee shop

The first video teaser for the MV of If With U of MONSTA X. Where in addition to listening to a fragment of the new song, you can also see the group relaxing inside a cafeteria which has a touch of surrealism.

In the new preview, you can see how the members of MONSTA X face the lack of gravity, causing all the objects in the cafeteria where they are to be floating around them. While they walk calmly and let their melodious voices be the center of attention.

Although from the teasers in photographs, fans thought that it would be a melody. The first fragment It seems to be an electropop song. Although at the moment it is not known if it will have choreography, Monbebe is very excited to hear the entire song.

When does MONSTA X’s If With U premiere?

MONSTA X‘s If With U will have an exclusive premiere on the Universe platform on July 7th. However, its official premiere on YouTube for people who do not have an account on the platform will be the 12th of July, that day all fans will be able to see their new video outside the platform. A song that many fans are waiting for because of how sweet the melody sounds. Are you waiting for his return?

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