Moon Ga Young Confessed What She Liked About Her Character in Link 2022 #Celebrity

Moon Ga Young: One of the dramas currently airing is Link: Eat, Love, Kill, which stars actress Moon Ga Young and actor Yeo Jin Goo. A fantasy and mystery story in which one day, a boy and a girl begin to experience the same emotions, from happiness, to pain and anger. Moon Ga Young mentioned in an interview how she has been participating in this drama.

Moon Ga Young appears in the drama Link: Eat, Love, Kill. A story of drama and mystery in which a woman suddenly has a strange connection with a cook, in which they both feel the same emotions. This is what Moon Ga Young thinks of her character.

If you are following Moon Ga Young’s new drama, surely you fell completely in love with No Da Hyun, the character she plays in Link. Despite playing an unlucky young woman who has been through a lot, Moon Ga Young has a special fondness for her character.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill continues to air and goes to about chapter 9, exciting fans who have followed the story with the mysterious plot of the drama, wanting to know what connects the protagonists.

Moon Ga Young Talked About What It’s Like To Play No Da Hyun In Link

In Link: Eat, Love, Kill, Moon Ga Young plays an unlucky restaurant employee who has had to face various obstacles all her life due to her bad luck, especially in love. However, she suddenly begins to have a special ‘bond’ with the owner of a new restaurant who begins to feel all the emotions that the girl feels.

For this character, Moon Ga Young confessed that the idea of ​​playing a character who felt the emotions of another seemed very refreshing and wanted to try from the first moment. Similarly, he added that the fact that No Da Hyun had so many problems in her life motivated her to want to know how the character was going to grow, so she wanted to play the part. She admiring the character for the way she stayed true to herself after so many incidents.

Moon Ga Young also talked enthusiastically about how her character was very mature and he faced all setbacks with his head held high, despite keeping several secrets from his acquaintances. For that reason, the actress has loved her character.

Where can I watch Link: Eat, Love, Kill? Moon Ga Young’s new drama

You can watch Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo’s new drama through doramasflix. It is not currently on any other streaming platform. The last episode he released was the ninth and it will have a total of 16 chapters, so you will still have a lot of history to watch.

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