My goodness! Overwatch 2 Beta 2 Announced: Date, Platforms, Enrollment, And More

Overwatch 2 Beta: My goodness, right now I have to contain a lot of emotions. I just realized that I started these lines the same as the headline, that’s how nervous I am. I don’t want to start talking about the second Beta of Overwatch 2, because the normal thing for me is to spend a little time, tell you about my life and all that, but I’m so nervous that I’m unable to talk about anything other than it’s.

Yes, we are here because they have already talked about the long-awaited second Beta of Overwatch 2. And watch out, because this will be much bigger than the first, since now many more players will be able to play it. I think a very good time is coming for all the fans of the Blizzard shooter, I can feel it in the atmosphere. Are you ready for me to give you all the information? Take note of everything!


Everything you need to know about the second Overwatch 2 Beta

A few minutes ago they gave the great news via Twitter ✌
And it is that the second Beta of Overwatch 2 already has a start date ✅
This will start on June 28, 2022 ⌚
And beware! Because this Beta will be for PC and console: PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series ⚡
And Nintendo Switch? Well, it does not appear in the photo, so it seems that at the moment there is no Beta for this console ✌
In this new Beta we will be able to enjoy Junker Queen and a new map ❗
They will give us more information on June 16, 2022, and there we will know everything about registration and more ✅
I leave you with the ad photo, because it’s amazing ✌


I’m SCREAMING really loud in my room, because I wasn’t expecting any of this. Are you looking forward to this Beta? Go warming up in the games!

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