Mysterious Analyst Shares Altcoin Projects That Will Bounce and Drop!

Altcoin: A mysterious Twitter analyst shared some pretty remarkable Solana and Cardano predictions. The ambitious predictions came amid the strong recovery in the altcoin market.

Pentoshi expects over 2x rallies for this altcoin

According to the mysterious analyst nicknamed Pentoshi, 100% of an Ethereum competitor is preparing to rally as the market recovers. Predicting that the Solana price will rise up to $ 80 in his latest tweets, the analyst predicted a collapse especially for Cardano. An increase of this magnitude would represent a 110% gain from SOL’s current price of $38. Sharing the chart below, the analyst also gave a date for this rise:

If SOL can break above $42 (still a way to go), I think it will reach $58-60 THEN. It will likely reach $80, but only one level at a time. I believe he will be back before the month is out and he will at least get these peaks.

Pentoshi says SOL still has significant resistance at $140. However, if Solana breaks this level, the bulls’ next target will be the ATH zones.

Solana (SOL), the 9th largest cryptocurrency, has gained more than 10% in the last 24 hours. We saw Solana peak at $260 in November of last year. The strongest Ethereum competitor has since been on the decline due to market conditions. This negative momentum found a bottom at $26.06. In particular, the bankruptcies of Terra, Celsuis and a number of crypto companies in recent months have triggered anxiety among investors. Meanwhile, according to Pentoshi, one of the altcoin projects that will lose the most in this environment will be Cardano (ADA)…

Pentoshi says Cardano price ready to drop further

The other altcoin on the mysterious analyst’s radar was Cardano. Pentoshi claims that its ETH rival is not yet ready for price increases. The widely followed expert also cites his January prediction that ADA will drop to $0.51 by the end of the year. He admits that he is very hopeful of Cardano on this date.

The analyst adds that Cardano is an elite altcoin that exhibits classic bearish breakouts from consolidation zones:

Something to watch: After stabilizing in this range, some alternative stocks like ADA are experiencing new breakouts.


Finally, the analyst warns his followers that Bitcoin is currently trading in a narrow range and may stay there for a while:

BTC has been trading at these levels for a month. In fact, there is pretty good volatility in this range. These conditions will eventually change. Make the most of this and the next breakout (whatever the direction) as it may be the only opportunity we have for volatility for a while.

Altcoin Projects That Will Rise and Fall

Bitcoin was currently trading at $20,866.94. As a company, we have presented the current Bitcoin predictions of the senior names in the industry here.

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