Nam Joo Hyuk Accused Of School Bullying, His Agency Responds 2022 #Celebrity

Nam Joo Hyuk: According to the statements, the Korean actor Nam Joo Hyun was involved in cases of bullying during several years of his school days, the agency that represents this boy has already spoken about it.

In recent times there have been many accusations against celebrities of South Korea where it is pointed out that they committed school violence before their debut, however some cases are confirmed and others turn out to be false.

This time it is Nam Joo Hyuk who is in the middle of a similar case, as Korean media recently released the statement of an anonymous informant who appears to have gone to the same school as the Korean actor.

That person shared photos from the school yearbook as proof of meeting this drama star, but stated that Nam Joo Hyuk had been involved in cases of bullying.

Nam Joo Hyuk Named As Part Of A Group That Committed School Violence

The statement noted that for around six years, Nam Joo Hyuk was part of a group of students who frightened fellow students, as they were allegedly known for bullying.

The author of the statement indicated that he was one of the victims, but pointed out that there were more serious cases than his. Apparently the group of students received physical and verbal violence, they were intimidated and even their money was taken from them.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s Agency Denies That The Actor Bullied At School

ManagementSOOP released a statement denying that the anonymous statement was true. The agency showed its annoyance and said that they would take legal action, both against the informants and with the media that made the statements known as real facts without having verified them.

In this way, the company put an end to the rumors that began to emerge about the past of the Korean actor and his life at school.

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