Nam Joo Hyuk Accused Of Sexual Harassment, His Agency Responds 2022 #celebrity

Nam Joo Hyuk: Although many statements have defended Nam Joo Hyuk, denying the accusations he previously received, new statements surfaced mentioning the Korean actor’s past and school life.

Recently, Weightlifting Faity actor Kim Bok Joo received accusations of having committed bullying against some of his classmates, the agency and the investigation of a Korean media denied that these statements were true, but this issue has not yet died down.

Recently, a third victim appeared who said he had suffered bullying from Nam Joo Hyuk then a message conversation was also released where 12 students from the same school as the actor were added in order to annoy another contact who became the victim.

Was Nam Joo Hyuk part of a cyber bullying group?

Former reporter Lee Jin Ho reviewed this case in one of his YouTube videos and highlighted that after several minutes of the conversation where offenses were included on several occasions, Nam Joo Hyuk appeared mentioning that it was a very crazy talk, but his messages of somehow they put a stop to the harassment that was taking place and motivated the others to make another chat room just between friends.

Messages against a student in this chat are said to have included slurs and sexual harassment. Apparently, after this matter took hold and became more serious, many of the chat boys wanted to apologize to the victim, as the former reporter pointed out. However, Lee Jin Ho also explained that even if now actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s friends have raised their voices to defend him, it would not mean that they can ignore the words of the one who took on the role of victim.

In addition, it was said that the victim rejected the apology, because it did not seem sincere to him that they did this 10 years after what happened while giving interviews defending the actor.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s Agency Responds To New Accusations And Will Take Legal Action

ManagementSOOP stated that they reviewed the accusations with the actor and through other channels, but concluded that the previously mentioned reports only included a part of the story that they called ‘one-sided’

According to the company, the chat matter did not really go far and ended with an apology that the student in question accepted, but they also pointed out that to protect the reputation of the korean actor they would take legal action and initiate a lawsuit against those who are giving false or half-truthful statements.

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