Nam Joo Hyuk chooses the best of his role in Bride of the Water God 2022 #Celebrity

Have you seen the drama Bride of the Water God? Nam Joo Hyuk played Habaek in this Korean series, the protagonist revealed what were the challenges of his character and even what he likes most about this role.

Throughout his acting career, we have seen Nam Joo Hyuk Giving life to students, a couple of times he played swimmers and recently he also became an entrepreneur in one of his dramas, but as if that were not enough, a while ago he played a powerful god.

In the year 2017, this Korean actor took the leading role of the kdrama Bride of the Water Goda fantasy story where we meet Habaek, a god with an arrogant attitude who seeks to recover the throne that was taken from him and therefore seeks the girl who is a descendant of the humans who once served him.

East drama had exciting, romantic or even funny scenes and Nam Joo Hyuk told in an interview from that time what he finds most attractive about his character.

Nam Joo Hyuk thinks Habaek is a multifaceted character

Also the protagonist of start-uppointed out that his role in the korean drama he showed two different sides, first we knew him as a powerful god, but when the going gets tough he becomes a bit clumsy.

Although portraying that duality was one of the challenges that Nam Joo Hyuk faced on set, it is also one of the qualities that he found most interesting and that becomes highly relevant as the story unfolds.

I thought a lot about how to deal with situations where he was clumsy without losing his godly aura. I wanted to show a different image than what I had shown before.

Nam Joo Hyuk got some lessons from his dialogues in the K-Drama

Another detail that Nam Joo Hyuk highlighted about his role in the story is that Habaek has dialogues full of wisdom, so when he said some phrases to the humans in the drama, he not only caused an impact on his characters, but he himself reflected on they.

The words that Habaek hurled at the humans left a deep impression, like ‘If you understand, everything becomes easier’. I felt like I was realizing a lot of things

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