Nam Joo Hyuk Sparks Opinions After New Revelations About His Past 2022 #Celebrity

Nam Joo Hyuk was recently accused of committing bullying during his school days, although his company denied the accusations, the issue continues to grow, as new statements from people who allegedly studied with the Korean actor have shared their opinions.

After the company that represents Nam Joo Hyuk denied the accusations and said they would take legal action, another person stated that they also attended school with him and had been abused by the government. korean actorbut again ManagementSOOP He said that these were baseless accusations.

Since then, contrary opinions have continued to surface from the public and fans, but posts accusing or defending Nam Joo Hyuk continue to appear.

People who claim to have been classmates of the drama actor have turned to social networks and Internet platforms to share their opinions and memories of what he was like at school.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s Former Partner Defends Him And Denies Bullying Accusations

A person who claimed to have been Nam Joo Hyuk’s classmate in his second year of high school went on to explain that he decided to write his message because he felt it was unfair that someone was mixing truth with lies to damage the now-actor’s reputation.

The Internet user pointed out that he never saw the actor attack other colleagues physically or verbally, nor commit abuse, but he also trusts that if it were true, even if he did not see these actions personally, he probably would have found out, which never happened.

He also mentioned that the accusations where a student forced others to make purchases from their phones were relatively true, but it was another student who took his teacher’s cell phone, so Nam Joo Hyuk would have had nothing to do with it.

Likewise, he said that it is true that many had fun playing to imitate WWE wrestlers, but Nam Joo Hyuk was not involved in the abuse nor did he organize fights between his teammates.

An Alleged Photo Of Nam Joo Hyuk Causes The Actor’s School Life To Be Questioned

Shortly after, a photo taken on the screen was shared in an online community where, in turn, an image appears where several students are sitting next to what could be soju.

The description of the photo states that one of them is ‘Joo Hyuk’ and as soon as the image started gaining attention, many people questioned whether the actor’s company defense is being real.

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