Nayeon-Inspired Hairstyles During The POP Era! 2022 #Celebrity

Nayeon: If you want to be inspired by the looks of TWICE’s Nayeon in her solo debut, hairstyles are key to recreate her style, especially since the idol wore new and attractive details in her hair.

During the previous days we have seen Nayeon promoting her solo debut, the album IM NAYEON and the simple POP! have caught the attention of ONCE but also allowed us to see the idol of K-Pop in musical shows, photo sessions, dance challenges and interviews.

The vocalist of TWICE He presented a charming song full of a happy rhythm, which he accompanied with colorful and very fashionable outfits, which ranged from the elegant to the fun.

But an outfit is not complete without a good hairstyle, TRUE? Y Nayeon showed off its originality with very creative and unusual looks, we will tell you how to do each one of them to give a new style to your hair.

TWICE’s Nayeon hair looks in POP! that you will love to recreate

Let’s start with a relatively simple but original hairstyle. You must start by separating the hair in two with a line that goes from the front to the back, hold each portion and leave some free strands as fringes. Now comb each half up, so that you can tie it in two high pigtails and slightly back.

Start by making a line in front to separate it in the middle, now take the hair from one of the sides and start braiding it from the root, right where the line starts. At each turn she adds new strands of hair and guides the braid to shape the crown. He repeats the same process on the other side, you can support yourself with bobby pins and don’t forget to add ribbons at the end like Nayeon did.

Part your hair with a line down the middle and then make a line again but this time horizontally, as if you wanted to make little pigtails on top while leaving the hair challenge loose. Now each half of the hair to tie must be separated into two parts, so you will make four high pigtails, two at the top and another two a little to the sides.

Once they are tied, start braiding the top pigtails, each on their own, when you get to the low ponytail take a few strands to add to the braid. When you’re done, loosen the braid to get more volume, now add ribbons.

For this hairstyle you must separate a considerable part of the hair in the front area, as if it were a large fringe, the rest of your hair can be braided or in a bun. Now the front part should be heat curled and you can push the curls back slightly with bobby pins, lastly just add the scarf.

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