Nayeon is A Diva in New Concept Photos for IM NAYEON

TWICE’s Nayeon’s solo debut is getting closer and ONCE can’t hide her excitement every time new teasers are released. Previously, the company had released photos in the style of a modern princess, however, the new teasers further change the concept that fans believed their album would have.

Nayeon will launch his first album What soloist this month. One of the main voices of TWICE He will finally have his solo debut, with a mini album called IM NAYEON. Joining the expected comebacks June releases.

In her new teaser images, Nayeon appears in different styles of clothing. Confusing her fans even more about what the concept of her first solo album will be. Wishing to have a little more information about IM NAYEON.

What many fans are hoping for is a fun release, though they would love a ballad as well. They don’t know what kind of music she will release in her solo debut, but ONCE can’t wait to show their support for Nayeon.

New IM NAYEON Concept Teasers That Fascinated ONCE

New photo teasers have been released for IM NAYEON, TWICE’s Nayeon’s first mini album. The singer appears in different styles in each of the teasers. In it, the girl rests on a mustard yellow sofa while she wears a purple and brown animal print outfit, which gives her a fun and cowboy look.

With this style, Nayeon is reminiscent of 1970s fashion, with an elegant checkered look and large earrings, staring at nothing while a shadow covers part of her face. Without a doubt, she gives off a retro vibe in this teaser.

On the other hand, in another of her teasers, she appears with a pink cowboy-style hat and it is a series of photos as if she were in a photo booth, posing in different ways with a cute look of braids.

When does IM NAYEON, TWICE Nayeon’s first album release?

TWICE’s Nayeon’s solo debut will be released on June 24 at 1:00 p.m. (KST). The album is currently available for pre-order for fans who wish to pre-order their copy. Along with the album, he is expected to release a new MV for his title track. Do you want to listen to Nayeon’s solo album yet?

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