Nayeon Moved With A Preview For The Song Love Countdown 2022 #celebrity

Nayeon: Day by day ONCE receives a new surprise from Nayeon. As the release of his first solo album draws closer, new information about the album is revealed every time. On this occasion, his official page shared a fragment of the song Love Countdown.

was released a fragment of the song Love Countdown one of the singles that will make up the album IM NAYEONthe solo debut of Nayeon from TWICE. In the video you can hear 30 seconds of the song.

ONCE is very excited about the excerpt that was released from Love Countdown, although it only played 30 seconds, they managed to appreciate a soft and charming melody that has a similar vibe to TWICE’s Alcohol-Free.

Without a doubt, they can’t wait any longer for Nayeon’s new album, which has proven to have all kinds of music, as a fragment of Nayeon’s collaboration with Felix from Stray Kids was recently shared.

Nayeon shared what Love Countdown, song from her album IM NAYEON, will sound like

TWICE’s Nayeon will be making her solo debut with a mini album called IM NAYEON, which is scheduled for release later this month. In addition to her song No Problem with Felix, the singer will also have another collaboration with Love Countdown.

Through the official TWICE account on Twitter, a video of Nayeon was shared with a fragment of her new song Love Countdown, which will be a collaboration with Wonstein, a young indie singer. You can listen to the snippet here:

The song Love Countdown will be a collaboration with indie singer Wonstein, who previously collaborated with NCT’s Taeyong on the song Love Theory. A relaxed and fun song.

When does IM NAYEON premiere? TWICE Nayeon’s solo debut

TWICE’s Nayeon’s new album will be officially released on June 24 at 1:00 PM (KST), along with its release, a new promotional MV will also be released. Are you looking forward to his solo debut?

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