Nayeon Premieres Pop! Teaser, What Will The MV Be Like? 2022 #Celebrity

Throughout the month of June we have had many premieres in the world of K-Pop, now we will also see Nayeon’s debut as a solo singer and the teaser of POP! It will motivate you not to lose sight of her album.

As you know, TWICE has had many projects and releases in recent months, because between covers, a world tour and the announcement of the first debut solo of one of its members, the excitement for the fans has not stopped.

We have already told you that Nayeon will release his first single album and bears the name of IM NAYEON photos have been released that show us the concept that it will wear in its debut, but one of the most anticipated moments is the premiere of the music video of POP! its lead single.

Now you can get an idea of ​​what we will see in the MVWell, the K-Pop idol has just released a teaser in this long-awaited clip.

Nayeon stars in a teaser for POP!, her MV will be full of color and fun

The first teaser from the video of POP! it starts with the idol of TWICE having good times in a cafeteria, where in addition to enjoying some desserts, she dances surrounded by balloons and very happy elements.

The scene changes and, wearing a yellow dress, Nayeon appears in the middle of a pool where several girls are swimming in sync to the rhythm of the music. The girl group member shows off her charisma and charm in every shot.

When does IM NAYEON premiere? TWICE idol’s solo album

Nayeon’s debut album will be released on June 24 at 1 pm for South Korea, at the same time the music video for POP! but there are still surprises before launch.

Another IM NAYEON song that fans are looking forward to is No problemhis collaboration with Felix de stray kids.

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