NCT: Taeyong and Yuta’s Interaction in Neo City: The Link, Osaka 2022 #Celebrity

NCT 127 wrapped up their Neo City: The Link concert tour in Japan with two concerts in Osaka. With two concerts full of exciting and emotional moments, at the end, Taeyong made an action that completely moved the Japanese and international fans and this gesture was directed to Yuta, a Japanese member of the group.

Taeyong of NCT 127 showed once again why he is one of the best leaders in K-Pop and had a special gesture towards yutaat the last concert in Osaka, the hometown of the Japanese idol.

NCTzen was completely moved after seeing what happened to close the Neo City: The Link concert in Osaka. When Taeyong had the most tender gesture towards Yuta and made the hearts of all his fans happy.

Both Taeyong and Yuta have shown to have a very close relationship, recently appearing on a show together and even had several special moments during the concert, such as when Taeyong carried Yuta on his back. However, the moment that stole all the attention was when both closed the concert.

Taeyong climbed on his platform to Yuta for him to close the concert

During the end of Promise You, the song with which NCT 127 closed the concert of their Neo City: The Link tour. The group’s leader, Taeyong, did an action that completely shocked NCTzen but filled their hearts with happiness.

The concert always ends with the camera focusing on the leader. However, this time Taeyong He decided to change things and made Nakamoto Yuta, a Japanese member of the group, get on his platform so that he would be the one to close the concert.

This concert was special for yuta, since it was presented in its hometown: Osaka. And the fact that Taeyong decided that who should close the concert and was the last to say goodbye to his fans was Yuta, he touched his fans a lot.

For that reason, when the video of Yuta joyfully shouting ‘Everyone, thank you very much’ as ​​the concert ended, it moved fans so much that they couldn’t help but leave messages about the action bringing tears to their eyes and loving how sweet Taeyong was to him. the Japanese. You can watch the video here:

NCTzen assured that Taeyong is the best leader for his gesture towards Yuta

Previously at a concert Taeyong had cried while confessing that he did not feel a good leader, but that he would continue to strive to improve and be worthy of leading both NCT 127 and NCT. To which many fans sent messages of encouragement and support for the idol. Ensuring that small actions like these show how much he cares about each of the members of the group and how he adores and supports them, making Taeyong one of the best leaders in K-Pop.

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