NCT’s Johnny Moments That Show How Funny He is 2022 #Celebrity

NCT’s Johnny recently drew a lot of attention after his appearance at the MET Gala, where he became the event’s most mentioned artist on social media. However, in addition to having a great demeanor and good looks, NCTzen knows that the idol hides a strange and fun side that always brightens their day. What are your weirdest moments?

johnny suh is one of the most popular members of NCT and NCT 127. In addition to standing out for his visuals and sensuality, the idol also has a weird personality and fun that makes all his fans fall in love with him.

Johnny was born on February 9, 1995 and as a good aquarium, he hides a somewhat strange personality that every time he lets it out causes laughter among the members of NCT. Especially Mark, who can’t stop laughing whenever he’s around Johnny.

For that reason, if you want to confirm why they say that NCT’s Johnny has a strange personality, this compilation of videos and photos will make you understand a little.

Johnny Suh proving that his weird personality is the best thing that happened to NCTzen

As a member of NCT 127, Johnny Suh has always been sensual in each of the comebacks, in addition to his solo in Neo City: The Link drove thousands of fans crazy. In addition to that, Johnny is a great connoisseur of modeling poses, always showing the strangest ones to his fans.

Similarly, he did not miss the opportunity to make Mark laugh in the middle of a live broadcast on Instagram, in which Johnny decided to use an alien filter and start joking as if he really came from another planet.

On the other hand it is difficult to explain what is happening in this video. Simply Johnny lying on the back of the chair, without moving, completely straight. Context? There isn’t, it doesn’t exist.

Finally, how can you forget the last costume you wore for Halloween? Anyone can be a vampire, a zombie or a pirate. But no one will be able to pull off a Coca Cola polar bear full suit costume with such style. The funniest thing is to think that during the MET Gala, Johnny added many celebrities to his Instagram account using the cute pouting photo of him in the bear dungarees.

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