New Idol Commercial, Collaboration With LUX 2022 #Celebrity

After the release of their new Japanese album called Celebrate, TWICE has been very active in the land of the rising sun. Their latest work was a collaboration with the hair product brand LUX, where each of the members showed off their amazing hair.

TWICE demonstrated his talent for modeling with an incredible commercial for brand hair products LUX. A special collaboration for the Japan headquarters in which the girls wore their bright and eye-catching hair for advertising.

The members of TWICE they worked together with LUX brand for advertising a hair product. All ONCE was delighted to see the new images of the group, who demonstrated their talent for modeling and how incredible her hair looks.

Currently TWICE is preparing for his return with BETWEEN 1&2, the new album that the group will release at the end of August. It was recently confirmed that all nine members have renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment.

TWICE impresses with their hair looks in new idol commercial

From this day on, channels in Japan will start broadcasting a new advertising of TWICE promoting the brand of hair products LUXwith a commercial that all the fans completely loved.

Although this collaboration is focused on the Japanese market, fans from all over the world were impressed by TWICE. Since in the commercial they show off their best looks and shake their hair with pride, promoting a product of the brand.

Each of the nine members has individual shots of them tossing their hair and smiling at the camera in close-up. Letting see golden flashes on several occasions.

TWICE members had fun behind the scenes of the commercial

In addition to the commercial, the brand revealed the behind-the-scenes of the recordings with TWICE. Where you can see scenes from the photo shoot, as well as parts that were filmed for the final product of the commercial. All nine members enjoyed the moment as their hair was ruffled thanks to fans.

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