New Trailer Shows Another Version Of Lee Jong Suk 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Jong Suk: This month’s most anticipated drama is Big Mouth, starring Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. A new preview has been revealed where you can see more of the personality of the main character before being unjustly framed for a murder and how he takes a 180-degree turn in prison.

Big Mouth have a new preview very exciting with scenes from Lee Jong Suk completely changing in prison. This drama of action and intrigue promises to keep all its viewers on the edge of their seats. Wondering who is actually the protagonist.

MBC’s drama Big Mouth will mark Lee Jong Suk’s return to Korean dramas after a two-year hiatus following his military service. For this reason, all the advances completely excite the followers who have patiently waited for his return.

Both the official posters and the trailers have shocked fans, who are wondering what the new interpretation of Lee Jong Suk will be like in this drama, which promises that it will have an unparalleled story. What was seen in the new preview?

Big Mouth Releases Trailer Shows Another Personality Of Lee Jong Suk In Prison

A new trailer for the drama Big Mouth has been released where Lee Jong Suk shows two completely different faces inside and outside of prison, causing viewers to wonder who he really is.

In this new trailer you can see Lee Jong Suk playing Park Chang Ho, a lawyer who has no skills and loses a lot of his cases. With a clumsy attitude, the character ends up being attacked by a group of angry citizens who claim that he is not talented in his work.

However, the scene quickly changes and now in prison Park Chang Ho is a completely different person, with a cold and calculating look, he can be seen getting involved in several fights inside the prison and standing out as the leader of the place, receiving the nickname of Big Mouth.

When is Big Mouth released? Lee Jong Suk’s new drama

Lee Jong Suk’s new drama ‘Big Mouth’ premieres its first episode on July 29 this year and is an MBC production. So far it has not been revealed if it will be released on any streaming platform. Are you waiting for this release? It will undoubtedly be a very special drama because it will be Lee Jong Suk’s first appearance after completing his military service.

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