NFT Entire Collection Stolen: Who’s To Blame?

Billionaire Dogs: While $1 million was obtained by stealing this entire NFT collection, investors are targeting the phenomenon promoting the collection on the subject.

Billionaire Dogs The entire NFT collection, which was promoted by a popular French influencer known as The related NFT collection was put on pre-sale as of December 2021 and NFT was distributed from 0.1 Ethereum (ETH). Afterwards, NFTs were planned to be sold in general sale, with 0.2 ETH for 6,500 units. Billionaire Dogs NFTs; It is known for being a collection that includes traits of money, luxury and goods.

Unfair Earnings with the Same Scenario

Hosting other fraudulent activities NFT Like his collections, this collection also prefers to use a famous influencer as a marketing strategy. With this strategy, the collection was able to attract thousands of investors. However, this number of investors was not sufficient for general sales, so the project owners had to reduce the supply from 6,500 to 2,000.

As it has been constantly repeated in history, the owners of the project, who obtained 1 million dollars from this sale, disappeared a week later by deleting the Discord server and website. In this process, investors blame the famous influencer and argue that he has made a serious profit.

Influencer’s Earnings

The French inluencer says he has no significant knowledge of blockchain technology and the working algorithm of cryptocurrencies. However, after the fraudulent activity took place, the influencer seems to have received $ 400,000, and it is reported that he sent this money to his own wallet.

After this development, influencer, MAYC He also chooses to buy his CloneX and Doodle NFTs and use them on his Instagram profile. In addition to these, it is seen that the famous phenomenon has added a lot of funds to his wallet.

Although blockchain technology is safer with its traceability, some projects may experience fraudulent activities. Therefore, it is recommended that investors conduct market research, question the reliability of related collections, and look cautiously at projects promising high profits.


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