NU’EST’s JR Reveals His Plans After Group Disbandment 2022 #Celebrity

NU’EST: For fans of the second generation of K-Pop, the separation of the iconic group NU’EST was painful, since their debut they were a group that had attracted attention and many closely followed their story during their participation in Produce 101. Now that the group has broken up, former leader Kim Jong Hyun has opened up about how he feels about it.

Kim Jong-hyung better known as JR, is the former leader of NU’EST, the popular second generation K-Pop group. In a recent interview he talked about his new projects and what the separation of the group.

At the beginning of the year, the announcement of the separation of NU’EST greatly saddened their fans, as several of the members decided not to renew their contract with the company. Among them, one of the people who did not renew his contract was JR, the leader.

After leaving Pledis, he signed an exclusive contract with EVERMORE Entertainment. A company for actors and he decided to focus directly on his career as an actor. For a recent interview he talked about his new projects.

Kim Jong Hyun confessed that NU’EST met several times to talk about their future

Idol Kim Jong Hyun started a new stage of his career. After ending his exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment, JR decided to focus on his acting career and already has several projects in mind. However, he can’t help but talk about the old group and teammates of his.

During an interview, when Kim Jong Hyun was asked how he felt about the split from NU’EST the idol confessed that at the beginning he did not want to speak as the leader, but as one more member and asked his companions to meet together to drink a little and remember the old days, in the same way to talk about the future that awaits them.

Although for the idol the separation was somewhat nostalgic after everything they went through together. Likewise, he wanted to fully focus on his person and what he wanted to do in the future, so he decided to leave Pledis Entertainment.

Kim Jong Hyun plans to continue growing as an actor in this new stage of his life

Kim Jong Hyun’s new plans is to start an acting career. His main reason is that he wants his fans to know other stages of him, not only to see a happy idol, but to see him angry or suffering through the characters he plans to bring to life.

The first drama in which Kim Jong Hyun will appear as the protagonist is I’ll Become Your Night, his participation was confirmed in April and completely excited the fans who decided to support his solo career. This story will be a romantic drama about a popular idol band.

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