Olivia Rodrigo Raises Her Voice Against The Abortion Ban 2022 #Celebrity

Olivia Rodrigo: The Supreme Court of the United States has just revoked the right to abortion, the modification to the law caused the discomfort of many women, including celebrities. Olivia Rodrigo spoke about it during her performance at Glastonbury 2022.

With the great popularity and impact of celebrities and artists in the music industry, their participation in social movements always draws attention. These types of events have occurred on several occasions in recent years, since many have been the causes that have been defended while respect for human rights is pursued.

Recently, Olivia Rodrigo spoke about one of the changes in the laws of the United States, because while many countries around the world are joining in declaring the right to abortion as a legal and safe action, the North American country has just eliminated it.

That is why in his concert most recently, the singer and interpreter of good 4 u expressed his concern and disagreement with the change made in the country’s laws.

Olivia Rodrigo calls on the Supreme Court of the United States for the new law

This young singer performed at Glastonbury 2022took the stage and captivated fans with some tunes, but when the music paused, he took the microphone to speak about the elimination of the right to abortion.

Olivia Rodrigo She said she felt devastated and terrified by the consequences that this adjustment in the North American law will have on many women and girls, after which she named each of the members of the Supreme Court and accused them of turning their backs on freedom.

Olivia Rodrigo talks about the elimination of the right to abortion in the United States. | Source: Twitter @sourtraitorr

Olivia Rodrigo fans are proud to see her defend the rights

After the singer showed her concern about this issue that has caused protests and great discomfort, Olivia Rodrigo’s fans went to social networks to remember many other occasions where the girl raised her voice for important causes.

the too actress He has also spoken out against racism, spoke about the importance of vaccines and in the same way has addressed different important issues for his country.

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