Omega X Will Be Presented in Mexico, Curiosities of The Group 2022 #Celebrity

Omega X: Fans from Jalisco and Yucatán were excited to discover that the fourth generation group Omega X will give a concert in their capitals. This group will perform in Guadalajara, Mérida and Mexico City as part of its world tour. Do you want to know who they are and why you should stan them?

Omega-X is a group of 11 members that will soon have a tour in several Latin American countries and in the United States. It is made up of members of dissolved groups and their music will completely enchant you.

K-Pop fans from Jalisco and Yucatan will be able to enjoy the concert of Omega X, who chose these cities as part of his world tour. In addition to having 12 dates in the United States, the group will also have 5 dates in Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil and Colombia on their tour.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Omega-Xthese are some important facts that you should know that will completely convince you to attend their concerts in September.

Omega X, important data you should know about the group that will visit Mexico

The Omega X group belongs to the fourth generation of the k pop. And it is made up of 11 members, including: Jae Han, Hwi Chan, Se Bin, Han Gyeom, Tae Dong, XEN, Je Hyun, Kevin, Jung Hoon, Hyuk and Ye Chan.

This group is made up of ex idols who had previously debuted, Se Bin was in SNUPPER, Ye Chan in 1THE9, Tae Dong in GIDONGDAE, Jae Han was in SPECTRUM, Han Gyeom was a member of Seven O’Clock, XEN and Je Hyun were part of 1TEAM, Hyunk, Jung Hoon and Kevin were in ENOi, Hwi Chan was in LIMITLESS.

On the other hand, several also participated in different survival programs of great renown. Among them Tae Dong and Jae Han participated in Produce 101 and Se Bin in The Unit.

The group debuted with the single Vamos, a title in Spanish with a powerful and fun song in which they mention several phrases in this language. His most recent return was a month ago with Play Dumb, a melody that was different from his style but that completely enchanted the fans.

What cities in Latin America will Omega X visit on its world tour?

Omega X will begin its tour of Latin America in Guadalajara, on September 16 of this year. His next concert will be at Mexico City on September 18 and in Merida on September 21. After this concert he will travel to Colombia to perform at Bogota on September 23 and ends its tour in Sao Paulo on September 28.

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