OST Saddest Dramas, Songs That Will Make You Cry 2022 #Celebrity

OST: The OSTs of Korean dramas make us relive the episodes every time the correct melody appears again, while some fill us with optimism, others remind us of sad hearts and goodbyes of the characters.

Has it happened to you that after watching a K-Drama you can’t stop listening to one of the songs that appeared in the episodes? Surely yes. There are Korean series that have a soundtrack fascinating and that, along with history, manages to win our hearts.

But if we talk about OST of dramas we cannot group them all together, because the feelings they transmit can vary, today we will talk about those that, due to their lyrics or their rhythm, we immediately associate with sadness.

Keep reading and also be encouraged to listen to some of the saddest songs that are part of the OSTs of recent Korean dramas, tell us what your favorite melody is or which one moves you to tears.

Sad songs you heard in very famous K-Dramas

This OST is part of the drama Moon Hotel and tells us about a person who is ending a relationship, this is painful for him but since it is the only way, he will try to erase his lover from his mind.

Although the lyrics of this song are not exactly sad, it is very emotional. In addition, there is no doubt that when listening to it, the scenes of the drama’s secondary couple come to mind. Descendants of the Sunwho had to separate again and again.

  • I Will Go To You Like The First Snow by Ailee

The lyrics express the regrets of someone who can no longer be with the person they love, so now they remember their moments together and can only think about how good everything was. did you hear this song on goblin.

  • Goodbye My Love by Ailee

Continuing with the songs performed by Ailee, the song she performed in Fated To Love You it also reminds us of a farewell in the face of an inevitable separation that puts love to the test.

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