Park Bo Gum Helps BTS And BLACKPINK Fans As They Arrive In Paris 2022 #Celebrity

Park Bo Gum has already landed in Paris after his trip from Korea with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’s Taehyung. Upon arriving in France, the actor helped some fans who were waiting for the idols.

The events of paris fashion week continue and again we will see several Korean stars stealing the looks in a parade. the parade of CELINE motivated to v, Park Bo Gum and Lisa to travel to France, so now they are in France ready for the fashion show.

Many fans were excitedly awaiting the arrival of these drama artists and the K-Pop, so some did their best to see them or even prepared gifts for them. When this mission seemed impossible, Park Bo Gum gave a warm surprise with his sweet personality.

The drama actor made the goal of BTS and BLACKPINK fans come true and here we tell you how it happened.

Actor Park Bo Gum received gifts for Lisa and V from BLINK and ARMY

When Taehyung, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum arrived in Paris, some fans waiting for them called out to give them some gifts, but the idols couldn’t stop and continued on their way.

Park Bo Gum heard the calls from the singers’ fans and called out to his fellow travelers, but then he went to pick up the gifts himself to make sure they were safe. V and Lisa they received them

V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum at Paris Fashion Week: When is the CELINE show?

CELINE’s Men Summer 2023 Fashion Show will take place on June 26, 2022, so while that happens, the Korean idols and actor will be able to enjoy the European city.

In addition, fans are excitedly awaiting the fashion event, as we will see these celebs wearing fashionista looks and, who knows, maybe even pose together for a photo.

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