Park Bo Gum Shares Photos From His Trip To Paris And A Special Message 2022 #Celebrity

Actor Park Bo Gum also thoroughly enjoyed his trip to France. Along with Lisa from BLACKPINK and V from BTS, he was one of the artists invited to the CELINE brand fashion show. As soon as he arrived in Korea, he made sure to send a sweet message through his Twitter account with photos from his stay in Paris.

Park Bo Gum recently traveled to France to participate in Paris Fashion Week with BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa as special guests of the brand CELINE. The actor shared Photographs of your trip together with a sweet message.

Renowned actor Park Bo Gum stole thousands of hearts during his stay in the capital of love. With his calm and charming personality, he managed to catch the attention of the event attendees and his fans enthusiastically followed his Parisian adventures.

For that reason, as soon as he returned to South Korea, Park Bo Gum made sure to properly thank CELINE for the opportunity to attend the show and talked about his trip in Paris, thrilling his fans with new photos.

Park Bo Gum Thanked CELINE For Inviting Him To Paris And Shared Photos Of His Experience

Through his official Instagram account, Park Bo Gum shared a sweet message about his experience in Paris after attending the CELINE S/S 2023 Menswear Collection show. The actor shared photos of his trip that made his fans completely happy.

As a description in his tweet, he wrote that the weather in Paris had been very nice and that he had had a great time with CELINE. Likewise, she thanked all of his friends in Paris, both in English and French. In this photograph, she appears in the CELINE brand photoshoot prior to attending the fashion show.

Similarly, Park Bo Gum shared a photo with a bouquet of white roses that he received upon arrival in Paris. Probably sent by the brand as a welcome present. The actor can be seen reading the card with a smile.

Lastly, Park Bo Gum didn’t forget to share a photo inside the private jet that CELINE sent for him, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and BTS’s V to travel to Paris. Korean celebrities flew back and forth together.

Fans were charmed by Park Bo Gum for his kindness in Paris

Park Bo Gum stole the attention of many with his charms during his stay in Paris. He did not miss the opportunity to hang out with his fans and took several pictures with them while signing autographs and chatting with them a bit. After those interactions, many fans expressed how sweet and humble the actor was, as well as being very kind to both his fans and fans of his fellow travelers.

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