Park Eun Bin Was Not Going To Star in Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2022 #Celebrity

Park Eun Bin: One of the most popular new K-Dramas among fans is Extraordinary Attorney Woo and actress Park Eun Bin never fails to win us over with her performance, can you imagine the drama without her in the cast? The girl reveals why she wasn’t going to be a part of the story.

If you are one of the fans who do not miss the most popular dramas on the air, surely you are already watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo or at least you have heard about this production. The story follows the life of a lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome named Woo Young Woo.

It all begins when she applies for a job at a law firm and shows up for her interview, so we delve into her story and the details of her interaction with others.

The drama reached the international public through Netflix and is conquering everyone, but it was recently revealed that the drama could have been very different, as it was close to having another lead other than Park Eun Bin.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Park Eun Bin Reveals Why She Turned Down Her Role In The Drama

In an interview with Allure Korea, the drama actress revealed that she got the offer to join Extraordinary Attorney Woo at the same time as the one for the drama. The King’s Affectionso without much thought, he opted to join the second drama.

Park Eun-bin confessed that she did not have the confidence to bring the character of Woo Young Woo to life, and the more she thought about it, the more she wondered if she could perform without offending or hurting someone, which made her fearful. It was so the Korean actress rejected the role of this K-Drama not once, but several times. oops!

Park Eun Bin was the one to play Woo Young Woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Although the girl expressed her decision and her thoughts to the production of the castboth the director and the writer of the K-Drama were sure that she was the one for the role, so they not only insisted that she reconsider the offer, but also waited for her to have time in her schedule.

Apparently, filming for Extraordinary Attorney Woo was held a year later than originally planned, as the crew patiently waited for Park Eun Bin to wrap up filming for The King’s Affection. There is no doubt that this character it was for her.

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