Park Seo Joon Celebrated His Anniversary and Thanked The Wooga Squad 2022 #Celebrity

Through Instagram, Park Seo Joon shared an emotional message about his anniversary as an actor and remembered his group of friends, the Wooga Squad, for an important conversation that helped him a lot. After his participation in Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon has gained great popularity in the world and his 11-year acting career has not been in vain.

Park Seo Jun celebrated his eleventh anniversary as an actor through Instagram. And he did it with a special photograph next to the Wooga Squad, your group of friends. Adding a moving message which completely moved his followers.

Currently, Park Seo Joon is one of the most recognized actors in South Korea and has become one of the representatives of Hallyu in the world with his incredible performances, especially in the drama Itaewon Class.

After recording his first movie in Hollywood for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is currently filming a new drama called Gyeonseong Creature with actress Han So Hee.

Park Seo Joon thanked the Wooga Squad for helping him at a crucial time

In an Instagram post, Park Seo Joon shared a photo of himself with the Wooga Squad, his friend group made up of BTS’s V, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Shik, and Peakboy. On top of that, she added a heartwarming message as a caption.

In the message, Park Seo Joon talked about his 11th anniversary as an actor and added that at the end of the In The Soop episode, a conversation with his fellow members came that he needed. implying that the Wooga Squad he helped him with his words at an important moment.

In addition to that, the actor added that he thanked all the people who congratulated him on his anniversary from the bottom of his heart. Undoubtedly, Park Seo Jun He has had a long and successful career.

When did Park Seo Joon debut as an actor?

Actor Park Seo Joon debuted in the movie Perfect Gamein 2011a movie about a legendary baseball game from 1987. His first K-Drama was Dream High 2 in 2012, in which he played Si Woo (I:dn). After that, his career was on the rise, participating in major productions such as Itaewon Class and Hwarang, culminating in his biggest project, his Hollywood debut as part of the MCU in the movie Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels. . Although this film is not yet released, everyone is eagerly awaiting this new stage of the actor.

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