Payment with Shiba Inu Activated in 179 Countries with BitPay Integration

Shiba Inu: As it is known, BitPay officially started supporting the Shiba Inu (SHIB) in December 2021. With this support, the adoption of SHIB as a payment method has also increased.

As Edge now supports the BitPay Protocol, Shiba Inu payments are now available to more users in 179 countries. Edge is a no-custodial wallet where customers can buy, sell, trade and spend over 130 digital assets. It supports over 1.7 million accounts in ten languages ​​in 179 countries.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair used the following statements on the subject:

“With the support of Edge, we are able to improve the quality of payments online and in-store for both customers and merchants who want to take advantage of crypto payments.”

Merchants and businesses can now accept cryptocurrencies through their wallets, which BitPay Protocol has successfully enabled to receive payments from over 200 million crypto users.

BitPay officially started supporting Shiba Inu coin in December 2021, which allowed Shiba Inu to be spent at hundreds of BitPay merchants.

Increasing Adoption

The acceptance of the Shiba Inu as payment continues to increase. Brazilian football club Sao Paulo FC recently announced that it accepts Shiba Inu and some other cryptocurrencies as ticket payment via Bitso and Bitpay.

Chipotle, Mexico’s leading fast-food restaurant chain, now accepts Shiba Inu, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through its digital payment platform Flexa. This payment method will be available at more than 2,975 Chipotle restaurants in the United States.

We previously reported that the Shiba Inu is now accepted by thousands of restaurants in over 65 countries.

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