Photos of J-Hope With What You Didn’t See From The Music Video 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: A few days ago J-Hope from BTS released the first song that will be part of his solo album Jack In The Box. MORE completely surprised his fans by having a dark and rock style, different from the flashy style that the idol always uses. For that reason, the new photos taken on the set completely enchanted their fans.

J-Hope premiered a few days ago MORE, the first song to be part of his Jack In The Box album. With a dark style, the idol completely surprised his followers and all the looks he wore in the video were immortalized in incredible unpublished photographs shared by BIG HIT.

ARMY was completely delighted with J-Hope’s new video for the song MORE. Not only for exploring another musical genre. Also for all the different styles that she gave to her fans in the new MV.

J-Hope’s new album ‘Jack In The Box’ will be released on July 15th, so far the name of the title track has not been revealed but the excitement among fans is rising.

New photos of J-Hope on the set of MORE fascinated his fans

J-Hope’s MORE is a song with a rock/punk style combined with rap in which the idol showed all his talent, delighting many celebrities who did not hesitate to share his song on networks. With a dark style and heavy makeup, J-Hope completely fell in love with his fans.

Similarly, the idol was rebellious while singing to the camera during the recording of MORE. J-Hope showed the rock side of him during the shots of these music video scenes. J-Hope did not miss the opportunity to pose lying on the hospital bed with a sweet and flirty smile in his all-black outfit.

In another shot, J-Hope was seen distracted as he was enveloped by falling sheets of paper around him in the office scene. What was your favorite photograph?

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