Places on Jeju Island That Are Perfect to Visit in Summer 2022 #Celebrity

Jeju Island, better known as Jeju Island, is one of the most popular tourist sites in South Korea. Surely you have heard that your favorite artist traveled to this place on vacation or in some drama you saw that the main couple had a romantic trip to this island. Thanks to its climate and all the nature that surrounds it, Jeju Island is one of the favorite places to vacation for Koreans. Would you like to know what places you can visit on this island?

Jeju Island It’s one of the tourist sites best known from South Korea. Not only for its incredible natural beauty, but also for all the fun places you can go to have a good time.

If you are planning a trip to South Korea and you are scheduled to stay for several days and tour the entire country, Jeju Island is a place that should definitely be on your itinerary, as it is one of the most iconic places in the country that even the Koreans love to visit. These are some sites that you will quite enjoy.

Jeju Island Sites You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Visit to South Korea

If you are a nature lover, one of the places you should not miss is the national park, which is located in the center of Jeju and is made up of a dormant volcano called Hallasan that can be seen from all over the island. This volcano is full of nature and the locals have a belief that it is inhabited by spirits and gods. With magical views, it will make you completely love the place.

  • Jusangjeolli Volcanic Cliff

A site that will take your breath away is the Jusangjeolli cliff. A rock formation that was formed centuries ago after the volcanic eruption of Mount Hallasan. This formation that has been formed over the years by the blows of the waves of the sea has an almost perfect shape, it even seems to have been carved by human beings, but it was all the work of nature.

If you saw the drama Our Blues, surely you realized that one of the protagonists is a diver and looks for shells in the depths of the sea. That profession is called Haenyeo and has been around for many years in South Korea. Women have always dived for shellfish and different types of fish without any oxygen equipment, even holding their breath for more than three minutes. For this reason, these women have a museum on the island that you should not miss.

BTS’s Jin recently traveled to Jeju Island and took a picture at Big Ball Land amusement park. If you like extreme games, in this park you must enter a huge ball and play to collide with other people present there. A very fun activity if you like to literally roll down the hill.

Another place that you should not miss if you want to swim for a while and enjoy nature is the Jeongbang waterfall, it is 23 meters high and is one of the few waterfalls in the world that connects directly with the ocean.

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