PlayStation 5 Reaches 20 Million Units Sold Mark

The PlayStation 5 reached the mark of 20 million units sold 1 and a half years after its launch, in November 2020. According to a Sony statement, the expectation is that the number would be reached even earlier, but the pandemic ended up delaying sales forecasts. and company deliveries.

Since the arrival of the PS5 in the markets, the console has been breaking sales records. In July of last year, it reached 10 million units sold 3 weeks faster than its predecessor, the PS4 – in this way, the most current version of the PlayStation has become the fastest-selling console in Sony’s history.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, the company’s head of global sales, Veronica Rogers, also stated that there will be a considerable increase in console production later this year, in order to mitigate the delays caused during the pandemic.

Despite the challenges the PlayStation 5 has faced as its launch happened during a period of component shortages, it still sold 80,000 units in 82 minutes in the United States – it took the PS4 9 days at the time of its launch to reach that mark. .

A few days ago, it was even announced by Sony that in 2024 the PS5 should surpass its predecessor in terms of sales – that is, the company expects that with 4 years of existence, the current console will sell more in its 4th year than the PS4. after the same period of its release.

Larry Brown

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