POP! of Nayeon exceeds 100 million views on Youtube 2022 #celebrity

A month and a half ago TWICE’s Nayeon debuted as a solo artist with her first mini album called IM NAYEON, which included all kinds of songs. The title song of him POP! It was a complete success and the number of streams he has on different platforms proves it, especially on YouTube, where he exceeded 100 million views.

Nayeon TWICE debuted a month and a half ago as a solo artist and has proven to be very popular, especially with the music video for POP! which has been very well received in Youtube.

ONCE is very proud of the achievement of Nayeon of TWICE as a solo artist. After six weeks of her debut, the singer continues to make new achievements in her career. On this occasion, the music video for its main song it exceeded 100 million views in Youtube.

Nayeon is currently with her fellow TWICE members preparing her new album BETWEEN 1&2, which will be officially released on August 26 this year, a long-awaited comeback for her fans.

POP! TWICE’s Nayeon surpassed 100 million views in a month and a half

TWICE’s Nayeon proved to have great popularity and stage presence with her solo debut and title track. POP! It was a complete success among his fans and K-Pop fans.

Just one month and two weeks after its launch, the MV of pop! in Youtube already has 100,547,303 views, a great achievement for the singer who debuted solo. In addition to that, her song exceeds 54 million views on Spotify. Demonstrating her incredible talent and popularity.

TWICE’s Nayeon is the second K-Pop solo artist to reach 100 million views in 2022

On the other hand, TWICE’s Nayeon became the second soloist of K-Pop that has managed to overcome the 100 million views on Youtube so far in 2022. Only surpassed by Jessi, who gained great popularity with the MV for ZOOM, one of the rapper’s songs that became a trend on networks. Without a doubt, both are great stars of K-Pop.

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