Poster and When The Song is Released 2022 #Celebrity

The BLACKPINK girls will be performing a pre-released single before releasing their new album. Amid the group’s anniversary celebrations, details about PINK VENOM were also revealed, find out what we know about the new song.

A long-awaited moment came when the social networks of YG-Entertainment They updated and surprised BLACKPINK fans, because now the comeback is not only a fact but has already begun to give us previews of what we will see and hear from these idols soon.

Recently, the K-Pop singers released a teaser with important moments that we could expect from this musical era, announcing that their album will be named after BORN PINK and would have a pre-released single.

The first song of BLACKPINK for this one come back will be released in just a few days, know all the details that the girl group has just shared about the track.

BLACKPINK Unveils First PINK VENOM Poster And Sparks Theories

BLACKPINK’s next single will be named after PINK VENOM and was revealed through a poster with a black background where we see two fangs at the top of the image, reinforcing the idea of ​​’poison’ that is planned in the title of the tune.

This has led many fans of the group to suspect that the comeback will address the girl power that BLACKPINK has shown since the beginning, however this time it could be a darker concept. Do you think that’s the style of the MV?

When is PINK VENOM released? BLACKPINK’s comeback is near

Although it had been announced that the track would be released this month, we now know that PINK VENOM premieres on August 19. Previously, YG Entertainment pointed out that BLACKPINK prepared two music videos for the comeback, so maybe one of them is meant to accompany this tune.

Meanwhile, the album BLACKPINK’s full version will arrive in September, but the company that represents the group has not yet given details about the specific dates to see the teasers and enjoy the premiere.

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