Proof Achieves The Biggest Debut on Spotify

Proof: Bangtan group Sonyeondan continues to break records with each of their comebacks. Getting new titles and showing why they are currently at the top. On this occasion, it was on Spotify where they received a new recognition after the release of Proof.

This June 10 bts released his new compilation album called proof, which contains a total of 35 songs of which three are completely new. Their launch has positioned them at the top and they have earned a new record in Spotify.

ARMY could not hide their excitement with the new BTS album and have been in charge of constantly playing each of the songs on the new album to demonstrate the power of the group and the fandom. Getting the group to get a new achievement in the history of Spotify.

BTS’s Proof has held the top ranks of different music platforms around the world, debuted at the top of the iTunes charts, and completely took over Line Music Japan. So his new achievement on Spotify made ARMY very happy.

BTS’s Proof Became The Korean Album With The Biggest Debut On Spotify

BTS’s new compilation album made history on Spotify due to the large number of views obtained in its debut on the platform. overcoming the 40 million streams filtered that managed to position the group as the biggest debut of a Korean album in Spotify history.

ARMY managed to get a total of 47,527,477 million streams for proof by BTS. An exorbitant number that few groups or singers will be able to overcome. Proving once again how huge the fandom is and everything they are willing to do for their favorite group.

This new achievement adds to the extensive list of achievements that BTS has achieved with their comeback, such as dominating the iTunes charts in different countries and becoming the only Korean group to sell more than 2 million copies on their first day of Hanteo.

Proof’s songs dominate the platform’s global chart

Elsewhere, Yet to Come debuted at #3 on Spotify’s global chart on the platform, followed by Run BTS at #6 and Born Singer at #16. Most of the songs on their new album chart in the top 100, showing the great love ARMY has for the group and all the dedication they put into the album’s streams. What was your favorite song on the album?

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