Red Velvet’s Joy to Act in New Drama Accidental Country Diary 2022 #Celebrity

Red Velvet: After her appearance on The One and Only, Red Velvet’s Joy is ready to return to the world of drama with Accidental Country Diary, a romantic story that takes place in a small town and is inspired by a popular webtoon. This is what Joy’s new drama will be about.

Joy of Red Velvet will be the protagonist in the drama Accidental Country Diarythe new project of Kakao-TV which is inspired by the Countryside Diary webtoon. This promises to be a love story between a police officer and a veterinarian.

If you are a lover of Korean dramas, you are surely waiting for the new project of Joy from Red Velvet. This story joins dramas based on popular webtoons like True Beauty and Again my Life.

If you want to see a sweet love story in the middle of a small town, this will be a drama that you will not want to miss. Do you want to know what Accidental Country Diary will be about?

What is Accidental Country Diary about? Joy and Choo Yeoung Woo drama

Accidental Country Diary will be starred by Joy Y Choo Yeong Woowho appeared in School 2021. A drama inspired by the Countryside Diary webtoon that promises to be one of this year’s love stories.

The drama Accidental Country Diary is about a veterinary who lives in the city and suddenly receives a mysterious message from his grandfather, who asks him to return to the town where he lives. When the vet arrives, she finds a note saying that her grandfather has gone on a trip to Europe and will have to run the veterinary clinic.

While you are there you will meet a police officer performed by Joy from Red Velvet, an enthusiastic young woman who always seeks to be the first to help the villagers. Between the two a sweet will begin love story.

The drama will last for 12 chapters and each of them is expected to last 30 minutes. It will definitely be a cute comeback for Joy and rising actor Choo Yeong Woo.

When does Accidental Country Diary come out?

So far, the release date has not been revealed. Accidental Country Diary, but it is expected to be available at the end of 2022. Currently, the filming process of the drama continues. Red Velvet’s Joy will be back with a romance story that could become one of your favorites. Are you waiting for this drama?

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