RM shared how hard J-Hope worked for Jack In The Box 2022 #celebrity

A few days ago J-Hope moved thousands with the release of his first solo album titled Jack In The Box. Not only ARMY was completely delighted, his groupmates also praised all the effort of the rapper. Especially RM, the leader of BTS, who couldn’t help but talk to his fans about J-Hope on his latest live broadcast.

RM of BTS had a broadcast through V Live where he talked about various topics with ARMY. At one point, her conversation focused on J Hope and how do you feel about new album from your partner. Moving ARMY with his words.

It is no secret to ARMY that the members of bts They have an unbreakable friendship. For this reason, it is normal for them to constantly inspire each other to improve as people and artists. BTS leader RM is also constantly influenced by his fellow members and is not afraid to talk to ARMY about how he looks up to the rest of the group.

For that reason, with the latest release of Jack In The Box of J-Hope, RM did not hesitate to share with ARMY how he felt about the album and shared small experiences that he had with the rapper before he released his album. What does RM think of J-Hope’s work?

RM told ARMY how J-Hope worked tirelessly to create Jack In The Box

Through V Live, RM had a live broadcast where he talked to his fans about various topics, from music recommendations, what he was currently watching, and all kinds of fun facts. At one point her conversation focused on J Hope and at the premiere of his most recent album Jack In The Box.

RM confessed that shortly after jack in the box was completed he had the opportunity to listen to the entire album and was completely blown away. Similarly, he assured that J-Hope worked every day on the album, he could even swear he lived in the studio, claiming that whenever he visited the building he could see his partner’s shoes on the spot. As far as she knew he was always there composing without a break.

On the other hand, he also assured that J-Hope is practicing a lot to have an amazing presentation in the lollapalooza, music festival in which he will appear as the main act on July 31. Without a doubt, Arson’s interpreter is very focused on preparing for each of his projects and his colleagues notice his enthusiasm.

RM confessed that he wants to be like J-Hope and is motivated by his achievements

Similarly, RM from BTS assured that when J-Hope told him that he wanted to do a party for the release of Jack In The Box and I knew that if someone could be a great hostIt would definitely be him. RM mentioned that his partner is like water, like a big ocean and for that reason many people came to his party. Adding that thanks to J-Hope he was able to meet many new people.

On the other hand, RM assured that seeing all the effort that J Hope has done in recent months inspire and motivates a lot to reflect to become a better person and artist.

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