RM Talks About His First Tattoo And Why He Didn’t Want To Get One 2022 #Celebrity

RM: Before the idea of ​​getting a friendship tattoo was on BTS’s mind, the group’s leader had expressed that he wasn’t that thrilled with the idea of ​​getting a tattoo. Now that he has his first tattoo, the idol opened up to ARMY about how he feels about tattoos.

RM He was one of the first members to join the friendship tattoo with BTS. However, the idol was not very convinced to tattoo his skin and explained to ARMY what his true feelings towards this art.

ARMY was delighted and moved to learn that the members of BTS would get a friendship tattoo that had great meaning for them. As a sign of all the years they have been together and the love they have for each other, the members agreed to get the number 7 tattooed together.

RM As soon as he made his friendship tattoo He wanted to show it to his teammates and ARMY. However, it is still amazing for him to have a tattoo on his skin, as he had never been a fan of getting tattoos.

BTS’s RM still can’t believe he has a tattoo on his body

Through a live broadcast on Weverse, BTS’s RM talked about how he really feels about tattoos and the first one he got together with the group members.

MR He assured that he still cannot believe that he really has a tattoo on his body. Since, although she had always wanted to do things on his skin, one idea stopped her completely: A tattoo would always be on his body. MR I hated the idea that something last forever in your body and can’t remove it. However, he made an exception for BTS. You can see the fragment of the transmission where he talks about the tattoo here:

RM feels happy to have a friendship tattoo with BTS

However, even though RM was unconvinced at the idea of ​​tattooing his skin, the idea of ​​a friendship tattoo with his fellow BTS did not seem so unpleasant. During his live broadcast, the rapper assured that the idea of ​​getting a tattoo together began in 2019 and that he felt happy to have a tattoo with the rest of the members.

In addition to that, ARMY took the opportunity to ask if his ankle tattoo had hurt. To which RM was quick to reply that it hadn’t hurt and that it depended a lot on what part of her body was going to hurt, but her tattoo in particular hadn’t hurt that much.

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