RM Toured Paik Nam June’s Exhibition At A Gallery 2022 #Celebrity

It’s no secret to ARMY how much RM from BTS loves art. The idol constantly attends museums and galleries. In addition to that, he also takes dozens of photos of the works that most attract his attention. For that reason, fans loved his most recent post of his visit to artist Paik Nam June’s exhibition.

RM of BTS visited the art exhibition called Video Chandelier No.1 by artist Paik Nam June. Through Instagram, the idol shared Photos of his favorite works, which are directly linked to technology.

The members of BTS are currently focused on their individual schedules. In addition to working on new music and participating in different programs, the idols have taken the opportunity to indulge in their passions and RM he spent his time visiting art galleries.

Through his Instagram account, RM always shares photos of his visits to museums and art galleries, showing ARMY a little of the things he discovers on each of his visits. Which are the new photos of the leader of BTS?

BTS’s RM enjoyed Paik Nam June’s exhibition and posted photos of his visit

BTS leader RM attended the exhibition Video Chandelier No.1 by artist Paik Nam June. In which she took all kinds of Photos of the works on display. One of the ones that seemed to catch his attention the most was an inverted Christmas tree decorated with small monitors and colored lights.

Another of the works that he shared is that of a Buddha statue that is centered in front of a television in a completely dark room. Although you cannot see what is on the screen, the figure seems to be very attentive.

On the other hand, the idol also shared a photo of a television that only has a lit candle inside. Work that attracted a lot of attention MR and decided to share it with his fans.

Lastly, the idol also shared various photos of paintings and drawings. In one of them, green stands out among the rest of the colors. Showing what might look like a fruit or vegetable hanging next to branches and leaves. Which of the works that he shared MR is your favorite?

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