RM Travels to Switzerland, This Happened in His New Video 2022 #Celebrity

BTS announced that they would release individual vlogs of each of the BTS members, we have already seen several of them but now RM is the protagonist of the new video. The idol went on the adventure, reconnected with art, and had a lot of fun.

Previously we saw various idols like Jimin, J-Hope and V filming what they do throughout a day, some chose to show how they spend their free time while others captured on video how exciting their work can be. Can you imagine what kind of vlog prepared RM?

the leader of BTS and K-Pop rapper filmed his vlog along a trip, it all starts with this guy waking up and showing the camera the preparations before going to the airport, starting with his luggage and details of his itinerary.

After that, namjoon He left for the airport, boarded the plane and finally arrived at his destination: the city of Basel in Swiss. Until that moment the idol had already shown us landscapes of his tripbut the real adventure began now.

RM visits a museum, plays and tours Switzerland, everything that happened in his vlog

After a brief look around his hotel room, namjoon showed what his friendship tattoo with BTS looks like and went out to visit interesting places, starting with a museum. The idol he enjoyed all the works, but also performed some of them in front of the camera.

After that, he went to a river where he had relaxing moments, wet his feet and continued with a walk that would lead him to one of the meals he enjoyed.

A funny moment appeared when RM climbed several levels of stairs and then slid down a slide, where he showed how fun the experience was, as he even went up several times before continuing his journey and taking a boat ride.

RM’s vlog motivates everyone to travel to Switzerland, including J-Hope

J-Hope also saw Namjoon’s video and left him a comment on Instagram noting that thanks to him he had visited Switzerland, noting how nice it was to see that journey through RM’s eyes and experiences. Despite this, the interpreter of Arson He shared various moments from the vlog on Weverse letting us see how interested he is in his fellow BTS member’s journey.

J-Hope was not the only one, well ARMY He appeared on social networks with messages about how great a trip like RM’s looks, so now he also wants to visit the places that the idol traveled.

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