RM will Open an Art Gallery, All The Details 2022 #Celebrity

RM: It is not a secret for ARMY that the leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan has a great passion for art and it is common to see him constantly visiting galleries and exhibitions of all kinds. For that reason, hearing that one of his plans is to have his own exhibition, although it was not surprising, it generated great emotion among the fans.

RM of BTS expressed his desire to have his own Art exhibition in the future, especially to further encourage local artists who have not had the opportunity to present their works due to the shortage of galleries in South Korea.

ARMY knows well the taste that RM has for art. The idol constantly visits galleries and takes photos with the works that catch his attention, and then shares them on Instagram with his followers.

For this reason, when they found out that RM wants to open an art gallery, it was not a surprise to many, as they know how much the idol appreciates everything related to paintings and sculptures. On top of that, they couldn’t help but admire the idol’s reasons for wanting to open his own exhibit.

BTS’s RM plans to open a small art exhibition with pieces from his collection

In a recent interview for ART Basel, BTS’s RM talked about his desire to create an art exhibition to showcase some of his personal collection. Although he mentioned that it is the first time he has spoken about it, he assured that he has seriously considered opening a small exhibition.

One of his ideas is to have a cafe on the first floor, while the second and third are an exhibition of the works he has acquired over time from different Korean artists. That way, he ensured that people could see the exhibits whenever they wanted.

RM mentioned that he seeks to promote Korean artists to make them known to the world.

On the other hand, the BTS leader commented that many Koreans do not have the opportunity to show their art due to the lack of galleries and exhibition spaces in South Korea. Just as the shortage of museums means that many artists are never able to make their works known to the world.

For that reason, RM wants to contribute a bit by opening a new space where Korean artists can make themselves known in one way or another. Without a doubt, a great project that the idol has in mind.

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