Romantic K-Drama Scenes That Made Us Gasp 2022 #Celebrity

K-Drama: Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye starred in the story of Pinocchio, a love drama where the truth always comes out. The scenes of these talented actors made our hearts pound.

Every fan of K-Dramas knows this story very well, but if you have forgotten some details, here we tell you what it is about. pinocchio tells the story of a little boy whose family falls into disgrace, to the point that his mother tries to end everyone’s life so that no one has to suffer.

Little Ha Myung manages to survive and is adopted by an elderly man who raises him as his son. Now he is known as Dal Poi and lives together with his ‘father’, brother and niece. This girl wants to become a journalist and news presenter, but there is a small problem, she has Pinocchio syndrome that prevents her from telling lies or hiding the truth.

Now that we remember what the story is about, we invite you to enjoy some of the unforgettable scenes of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in the drama.

Best scenes of Pinocchio with Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in love

The drama begins by giving us great scenes and one of the most memorable ones occurs on a rainy night, when Dal Poi accompanies In Ha and so that both of them can avoid getting soaked, they use cones that were on the road and walk covering themselves with them.

When Dal Poi is injured and has to have his arm immobilized, all of his tasks become more difficult, so seeing him having trouble shaving, In Ha comes over to help him gently.

Although the protagonists have denied their emotions one night during the Christmas season, that ends, and although In Ha tries to stop Dal Poi, she later also admits that she likes him.

We can’t forget how In Ha’s father would get upset when he saw her being close to Dal Poi, so sometimes his mind would lead him to imagine romantic scenes that didn’t really exist. oops

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