Rosé and Jisoo Together at Decision to Leave Premiere 2022 #Celebrity

BLINK from all over the world is very excited after seeing the latest photos of Jisoo and Rosé, who were seen at the premiere of the movie Decision to Leave, featuring one of Jisoo’s castmates from Snowdrop. What most caught the attention of the fans were their looks.

Jisoo and Rose of BLACKPINK attended the VIP premiere of Decision to Leave, a film that received great recognition at the Cannes Film Festival. The members of the famous South Korean group drew attention for their unique outfits.

BLACKPINK fans are more than excited, as each appearance of the group they know is a step closer or some small clue to the group’s comeback. For this reason, seeing that Jisoo and Rosé went to the cinema together for a premiere, they paid special attention to see if they had changed their look for their return.

Jisoo and Rosé were seen at the VIP premiere of the film Decision to Leave

BLACKPINK members Rosé and Jisoo attended the VIP premiere of the movie Decision to Leave together. Supporting the actress Jung Yi Seowho was in the cast of snow drop along with Jisoo.

In their Instagram stories. Jisoo shared videos of her former castmate cheering her on in her new project, proud of her starring role. The movie Decision to Leave gained great recognition at Cannes after Park Chan Wook won the Best Director award for it.

In the following video, you will be able to see the looks that Jisoo and Rosé wore to the event, which notably caught the attention of BLINK, who are waiting for more information about BLACKPINK’s comeback to be released.

Fans suspect that Jisoo and Rosé’s change of look is for the comeback

During the video, Jisoo could be seen with slightly brown, straight, chocolate-colored hair. While Rosé wore her characteristic blonde hair, although a slight pink hue could be noticed. What made her fans think that these new looks could mean that they have already recorded material for her comeback and that she could be closer than many expect. Do you think they’ll really come back in August?

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